May 2013

Social Security Wise: Content is King.

As Bill Gates said, “Content is king.” If you’re content isn’t
good, your online image is actually damaged. Typical
financial advisor websites feature content that is both
uninspiring and unemotional. At Wealth2k we refer to such
websites as online sedatives. No advisor’s economic future
is well served by a website that’s a sleep aid.

Lots of research addresses the importance of good content:

“Content makes your business shine over Internet.”
“Content originality must not be ignored.”
“High quality, original content will help you to reach
out to those people who want to gain knowledge.”


Financial Advisors no longer have to tolerate sub-par websites. Visit Click here:

A website that isn’t seen can’t generate leads

A website that isn’t seen can’t generate leads.

This is why Wealth2k has developed a simple and effective strategy that financial advisors
may use to tap the power of online marketing using Google AdWords.

To get their websites in front of potential customers, companies representing every sector of the U.S. economy commit advertising dollars to AdWords. But at a combined $4 Billion in 2012, no industries spend more than insurance and finance. This should be a clear message to independent financial advisors about the importance of online marketing. No advisor’s economic future is well served by a website that’s a sleep aid.

Social Security Wise reinvents financial advisors’ ability to market successfully online.

Social Security Wise Reinvents Client Prospecting for Financial Advisors

Advisors: The Biggest ROI

3 out of 4 middle market and semi-affluent households actually prefer to work with an independent financial advisor. So, if you get your online experience right, you stand to acquire new clients. Given the low cost of licensing Social Security Wise™, and considering the importance of the income planning business opportunity to your future success, attracting even one new client with Social Security Wise™ will provide you a stratospheric ROI.

Social Security Wise™ isn’t an ordinarily business investment Rather, it’s a strategic investment with long-range, positive implications for your future business success. Visit Social Security Wise.

* Source: “Is there Magic in the Middle Market?” LIMRA, 2009

Wealth2k Introduces Social Security Wise: Breathhrough Prospecting Solution for Financial Advisors

Remember the hamburger commercial with the famous line, “Where’s the beef?” That reminds us of Social Security income planning: Where’s the prospecting?

The financial services industry has recognized the importance of Social Security. The energy being applied to the issue is off the charts! However, while enormous effort has been expended on developing strategy analyzer software, there’s been almost no effort committed to addressing advisors’ biggest need: PROSPECTING.

Wealth2k has spent one-year developing Social Security Wise™. We know that you’ll be amazed by how such a high-quality, high-tech and highly-impressive PROSPECTING SOLUTION can be acquired for such a small amount of money. See Social Security Wise-