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New Blog Excerpts Book Available for Download: The Preventable Demise of the Fixed Annuity Industry

You may recall the four-part series entitled The Preventable Demise of the Fixed Annuity Industry. This series sought to identify the seeds planted years ago that have sprouted into the negative public image and distribution challenges facing today’s fixed annuity industry. It also led to an OpEd published by InvestmentNews.

The fourth and final installment presented my vision for tomorrow’s fixed annuity producer, someone who is better aligned to meet the needs of a wider range of prospects. The annuity agent of the future will be more successful- and busier. Reliance, in part, upon next-generation consumer-facing marketing technology creates greater productivity and leads to the ability to successfully market products that offer inherently greater consumer value.

The four parts of this series have been published in a book format you may download at no cost by clicking here.

New Blog Excerpts Book Now Available for Download: François Gadenne’s Thought-Provoking Essays on the Future of Retirement and the Role of the Retirement Income Industry Association

Now, just in time for your Holiday weekend reading pleasure…
During the first-half of May, Francois Gadenne assumed control of this blog and created a series of essays that constitute must reading for anyone interested in Baby Boomer retirement and all implications for financial services. The essays combine to create a potent examination of issues that are important to many of my readers. Therefore, I’ve decided to create a book of Francois’ essays. I’m sure that you will enjoy it.

You may download the book at no cost by clicking here

Enjoy the Memorial Day holiday!

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Blog Excerpts Book Available for Download: Thought-Provoking Interviews, Vision and Insights on Major Financial Services Challenges and Opportunities

Now, just in time for your weekend reading pleasure…

In just a short time some of the best minds in financial services have contributed a wonderful collection of insights to my blog. In addition to my own ruminations, I’ve taken some of these contributions and published them in the form of a downloadable book. You may download the book at no cost. Download the PDF here.

You will see that the book is organized into three distinct sections:

The Annuity Industry: Challenges & Opportunities
Retirement Income
Interviews with Industry Leaders & Innovators

From time to time I’ll aggregate future content in this format for you to be able to conveniently retain and reference. Download by clicking here