An Overview of the Blog

The David Macchia Blog is a continually-evolving, thought-provoking collection of articles and interviews that seek to explore both challenges and opportunities in financial services. I believe that addressing the industry’s most intractable problems in a candid and truthful manner is a prerequisite to preparing the insurance and other sectors for more robust future success.

I suggest that you will visit the blog each day as new content appears on a virtually daily basis. As time passes, the blog’s main threads expand significantly with deeper and deeper insight revealed.

On the right side of this page you will see a listing of the blog’s major categories. These categories represent my major areas of exploration:

Retirement Income

The Interviews: Industry Leaders & Innovators

Annuity Marketplace Challenges

Communications Technology and the Sales Process

The Variable Annuity Marketplace, and,

Downloadable Blog Excerpts

One of the most interesting categories is the “Industry Leaders & Innovators” series of interviews. In this series I am able to craft unique, in-depth discussions with some of the most preeminent individuals in financial services.

From time to time I will publish downloadable books that aggregate the most valuable blog content. These books are available to you at no cost. They make for great reading on airplanes! Seriously, they are filed with valuable insights and thought-provoking information.

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David Macchia