Coming Soon: Fascinating Interviews with Bob Pozen, Zvi Bodie, Philipp Hensler, Peng Chen and Tom Burns

When I began the Leaders & Innovators interview series I didn’t expect it to so rapidly explode in popularity. But it did. And today I’m delighted to announce that it continues to attract some of the sharpest minds in financial services. Given the prestige of the participants and their enormous knowledge and insight, it’s really no surprise that the interviews have become so popular with people from all corners of financial services.

MFS Investment Management Chairman, Bob Pozen, Boston University Professor of Finance, Zvi Bodie, DWS Scudder Chairman and CEO, Philipp Hensler, Ibbotson Associates President & Chief Investment Officer, Peng Chen, and Allianz Life Chief Distribution Officer, Tom Burns, add to the stellar roster of individuals who have honored me with one-of-a-kind conversations.

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