New Interview Series Coming Soon: “America’s Elite Financial Advisors” Will Explore the Issues that are of the Greatest Concern to the Nation’s Best Retail Advisors

There are hundreds of thousands of financial advisors who serve consumers of financial products and services. The moniker “Financial Advisor” has come to be an umbrella term that encompasses segments of intermediaries that serve different markets in different ways.

Among the advisors who populate each segment- registered representatives, RIAs, insurance agents, financial planners, etc.- the participants in any one of these segments will acknowledge that there is a small, exclusive group that out-shines (and out-earns) all of the others. These are the “Elite” among financial advisors, and they wield considerable influence and power. In my experience they are also those that generally make the greatest positive impact on their clients’ financial lives. Did I mention that they also hold the most sway with providers of insurance and investment products?

To help readers better know these individuals I’ll soon be publishing in-depth interviews with the “best of the best” in the financial advisor world. The intent is to explore a wide variety of contemporary issues by gauging the perspective of these elite professionals. I want to provide them a platform to voice their concerns to other industry leaders in a manner that allows for very elaborate and detailed exploration. I expect this to yield some fascinating results. Stay tuned!